Thomson Reuters African Startups Challenge is On

Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters a major multinational mass media and information firm, in partnership with Venture Capital For Africa (VC4A) has launched an initiative to provide a platform for startups to partner as you grow your startup into a lucrative business. They are accepting applications for the African Startup Challenge.

The Africa Startups Challenge seeks to find the best new companies coming out of Africa. As a large continent made up of many emerging markets Africa is home to some exciting startups who are able to leverage new technology and new business models to leap-frog the current players. We want to know which startups are important and why.
This Challenge seeks the most promising startups in Africa. Key areas of focus are the following 10 categories:
1. Agri-tech (including land administration)
2. Big data analytics
3. Blockchain
4. Digital government
5. Education
6. Internet of Things
7. Fintech
8. Media-tech
9. Mobile technology
10. Supply chain
Thomson Reuters position as a trusted provider in financial markets makes it attractive for FinTech startups to work with us as a partner. The top startups will be featured in a special section of Eikon EMEA, the global investment platform of Thomson Reuters.

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