Uefa to visit Jersey on talks for international football application

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Uefa are set to visit Jersey in the next few weeks as the Channel Island bids to become an international footballing nation.

Jersey submitted a bid to leave the the English FA and join Uefa last December. A delegation from Uefa is expected to come to the island after the body’s annual congress later this month.

“We’re pleased they’re coming and it gives us an opportunity to show them what we’ve got,” Jersey FA president Phil Austin told BBC Radio Jersey.

But Austin says the process for joining Uefa will be a slow one, with rules stating that new members must be an independent country, recognised by the United Nations, a major stumbling block.

“We do not expect them to come over and say ‘yes everything’s great you’re in’,” Austin said. “There are certain stages that our application will go through and I think, being frank, if you asked them now if we meet their criteria for membership, they’d say no, because they maintain you’ve got be an independent state as recognised by the United Nations and we are not one of those.

this article originally appeared in BBC

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