Militants blow up pipeline in Delta

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Militants on Speed Boat

The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, NDGJM, a militant group said its strike forces brought down the Afiesere Ere- Iwhenene major delivery line in Ughelli North council, Delta state.

The militants who recently launched Operation Crocodile Tears in angry response to the “annoying” Operation Crocodile Smile launched by the Nigerian military, said the military was invading and intimidating the people in the region under the cover of the suspicious operation.

In a statement on tuesday by the spokesman of the NDGJM, Aldo Agbalaja, the militants stated: “The Niger Delta is not a conquered territory and our people have never succumbed to intimidation before, rather we match force with the oppressor’s brutality.”
The Nigerian government should already know that the people of this part are not fools, who will not be able to see when they are being treated with disdain.

“The High Command of the once again says to the deceptive and untrustworthy Nigerian government and its cowardly armed forces; our people shall not deal with you on your terms, but on mutual terms. Until you drop these deceptive and master/servant pose, OPERATION CROCODILE TEARS shall persist.”

“As a mark of our faith to totally grounding the Nigerian oil economy, the gallant “OPUDO” strike forces brought down the AFIESERE- IWHRENENE major delivery line in Ughelli North, leading to the UPS/UQCC operated by NPDC/SHORELINES at about 1am today 13th sept 2016.”

“Our patience is running out on our people living close to major oil and gas facilities in the upland areas of our region, the more critical assets of the oil sector are still alive because we are being careful not to hurt our people”.
The militants warned of more attacks and, again, warned those living near major oil facilities to leave those areas for their safety.

Report appeared in Guardian

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