Cryptocurrency: Ripple (XRP) Will Surpass Ethereum (ETH)

Ripple, Ethereum

There is a growing sentiment among cryptocurrency traders that it’s a safer bet to buy Ripple (XRP) than Ethereum (ETH) or even Bitcoin (BTC).

This is after some recent significant drops in value which hit the entire cryptocurrency market hard, as well as the rise of certain other cryptocurrencies which offer superior features than those of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Recent struggles for those two has seen their market cap freeze, giving other coins the opportunity to catch or even overtake them. If Ripple could hit $3.89 in value, its market cap would place it on top of the pile. But how could it achieve this?

New movements

Cryptocurrency traders are slowly expanding their portfolios to move away from Bitcoin due to its volatility and its flaws as a long-term market prospect. Ripple is emerging as one of the leading alternatives, according to published market trends.

What’s more, Ripple keeps grabbing the headlines for acquiring new partnership deals and adoption by companies, which furthers its credibility for the long term. It is showing signs of being a cheap, fast and secure blockchain money settlement system.

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One of the big Ripple headlines recently has been its adoption by Chinese company AsiaATM Group. This has cemented the rise in demand for the cryptocurrency, and the price will continue rising alongside mainstream adoption.

And this adoption is expected to happen quickly, as many international merchants move away from traditional financing solutions.

The bottom line

Ethereum is stagnating as a preferred coin for traders. An increasing number of people are diversifying their cryptocurrency portfolios, and Ripple is emerging as the go-to coin due to its impressive technology and potential markets.

This potential is galvanised by almost daily announcements of new partnerships, and it is inevitable that we will see more surges in its value as this trend continues. If Ethereum continues to stagnate, and Ripple continues fulfilling its potential, then Ethereum is looking likely to be knocked off its pedestal.

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