New NASA boss Jim Bridenstine gets ‘hearty congratulations’ from space


The New NASA Boss Jim Bridenstine is already getting cheers from space.

Immediately after being sworn into office Monday by Vice President Mike Pence, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine took a call from the three U.S. astronauts at the International Space Station, who offered “hearty congratulations.”

The Oklahoma congressman became the 13th administrator of NASA, filling a position that had been vacant for more than a year.

Bridenstine is the first elected official to lead NASA, something that had bogged down his nomination last year by President Donald Trump. The Senate approved his nomination last week by a narrow vote of 50-49.

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Monday’s swearing-in ceremony took place at NASA headquarters in Washington.

Pence noted that the space agency, under Bridenstine’s direction, will work to get astronauts back to the moon and ultimately to Mars.

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