National Assembly Asks Defence Minister Mansur Dan-Ali To Withdraw Call For Suspension Of Anti-Grazing Law

National Assembly, Mansur Dan-Ali
Minister of Defense, Mansur Dan-Ali

The National Assembly has asked the Minister of Defence Mansur Dan-Ali to promptly withdraw his call on states which have an open anti-grazing law enacted to suspend the law.

Both chambers of the National Assembly discussed the minister’s comments separately on Wednesday but arrived at the same conclusion.

The Minister of Defence Mansur Dan-Ali had spoken about the anti-open grazing law while briefing journalists after a meeting of the security chiefs and President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday.

Apart from asking him to withdraw his call, the House of Representatives called on the Federal Government to submit a supplementary budget to the National Assembly to develop colonies immediately in the 11 states that have agreed to donate land for cattle colonies.

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