Ryanair passenger filmed with face full of blood after shocking mid-flight brawl


Two Ryanair passengers were detained after starting a chaotic brawl that left one passenger bloody on board a flight to Spain’s Tenerife South Airport from Glasgow Prestwick in Scotland.

The shocking footage was shared on Twitter, showing two men striking each other while other passengers scream.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language.

During the 36-second clip, taken by Twitter user Ben Wardrop, Ryanair flight crew can be seen trying to break the men up as they continue to hit one another and yell threats.

According to the Mirror, the altercation broke out around 6:10 Saturday morning. It was not clear what prompted the fight.

The men are eventually separated and one is led away with his face covered in blood. According to a passenger, the man allegedly had his nose “bitten off” by the other man – but that report was not confirmed by Ryanair.

“There were numerous occasions of drunk and disorderly behavior leading to a man having his nose bitten off,” one passenger reportedly told the Scottish Sun.

Despite the brutal brawl, the flight landed safely and on time at Tenerife airport.

In a statement to Fox News from Ryanair, the airline said they requested police to meet the flight upon landing.

“The crew of this flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife (16 Mar) requested police assistance upon arrival after two passengers became disruptive in-flight. The aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained two individuals. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority. This is now a matter for local police,” the statement read.

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Ryanair has dealt with violence on flights in the past. So much so that the airline moved to ask airports to implement stricter regulations on alcohol sales, citing many disruptive incidents that were fueled by drunken passengers.

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