It is no longer news that a distinct Leaders will emerged from the Senate and House of Representatives (NASS) in June 2019.

It is distinct because it will followed the normal norms practiced in Democracy all over. The question on the lips of all is that, who will emerge and how will it emerge?.

This leadership tussle in NASS, necessitated the meeting of APC national executives, Parliamentarians and President Buhari in Abuja.

During the meeting, sitting beside President Buhari the national chairman of APC Comrade Adams Oshiomhole made a statement of supporting Senator Lawal, the current majority Leader in the Senate as the next Senate President.  Which is the position of the Party.

APC a party of change is towing a new course to elect the Senate President and Speaker.  In APC all zone will be represented also the leader must be rankling in numbers.  The majority in Parliament, in a sane clime produce the leadership of the senate because numbers count in democracy.

Every members have right to contest but the majority will have the way and minority have their say. The Party that is Majority in NASS have compendium of special Programs and Policies to implement.

This was outline in the Party manifesto during Election which is different from the opposition Manifesto. This can be easily achieved if the ruling party take all key position in NASS.

Hitherto Party can ONLY guide but can enforce.   Policy experts believe this noble ideal can be realized through an OPEN BALLOT election, this should be done to elect the leadership of the Senate and House of Representatives. When you have the Power that is when the change Policy evolve.

This article was written by Frank Dikirie, a Management and Policy Consultant.

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