President Buhari was not encouraged with the ways Traditional Rulers handles insecurity in their domain , this was displayed in his utterance recently.

The traditional rulers and the Religions Leaders have a role to play in handling or reducing the surge of insecurity.

The Traditional rulers and Religious rulers are typical of a Ecclesiastical Powers that posses a state and do not defend their subject. And though the domain not defended they are not take away from them and their subject being without security , do not worry about it either can they hope to overthrow in favor of others since they are not democratically elected or selected.

The Principalities alone are secured and happy. This is the typical example of some traditional Rulers that their domain is now war Zone.

A traditional must or should be well informed of his surrounding and must have no other training or acquired any other Skill than the Art of War. On the other hand we find out that traditional ruler thought of Pleasure than of War, Romancing with Politician than his Subjects .

Let digress especially to the Northern Nigeria, Some traditional title holder who are Politician also contributed through Primitive accumulation and stinginess to their People. The Hopoloi (Poor) felt depressed by the lack of generosity which gives room to Aggression that are vent out to the society through violent in different form .

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To Curtail this ravaging scourge of insecurity ; the traditional ruler must take the bull by the horns and gives security operatives necessary assistance, Generosity should be the watch word of the Rich to the have not and the reduction in the display of wealth. Education should be compulsory and adult education should be intensified.

The Non Kinetic Approach should be used more in combating insecurity, Also Practical Poverty Alleviation methodology should be evolved. The subject should sensitized using the local apparatus by the traditional rulers about the important of peace for development.

This article was written by Frank Dikirie, a Management and Policy Consultant.

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